FB_SoundCollage_Fotor_CollageNothing like starting the New Year with New Books. Happy New Year to ME! I’ve got four new science books out this month. INVENTING THE INTERNET is available from A Child’s World. This was interesting research; one of those ‘how can this be history when I remember all of this happening’ moments. From “You’ve Got Mail” to the World Wide Web, this was fun and interesting to write. I’ve gotten sneak peaks at the illustrations from the website, but I’m still stalking the mailbox for my author copies. Hark! Do I hear the mail truck?

The other three books are focused on Sound: MAKING MUSIC, or how different types of instruments make sound, SEEING SOUND, how we visualize sound and use those pictures for research, and SHHH!, how we can suppress sound we don’t want to hear. Sorry, there is no help here for those wanting to shush screaming children. But, you can find information on how to keep from hearing the screams! These books from Science a-z are for Grade 3-4, but that’s just reading level. Any kid, big or small, will find something interesting here.

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