SillyWishesI’ll admit, sometimes it is hard writing for the education market. Not that I don’t love it! I love researching new topics. I love working with great editors that care about getting the content just right. I love seeing the book come together with the illustrations. I love picturing little hands thumbing through the pages.

So what’s hard about that?

The hard part is that many of the books I write are not generally distributed. They are only available through specific educational markets. For example, Learning a-z does fabulous books — but they are only available on their online site. And, until now, Caramel Tree Books were only available for Jeongsang Language School (JSL), with campuses in South Korea, Canada, and the U.S.


My picturebook, THE SILLY WISHES, a retelling of the old folktale, is available from Caramel Tree Books for the general public!

Caramel Tree Books have published leveled books for second language learners for many years. Now, they are distributing these colorful, well-crafted books for young readers everywhere. Check out their offerings. You will love them.

I’m excited! More books in more hands — my silly wish come true!

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